Dark skinned girls tormented in TV serials?

In TV serials,  dark skinned girls are tormented and insulted most of the times. They are considered a problem or a bad luck. The famous examples are Saloni(Saat Phere), Krishna(Afsar Bitiya) or Qubool Hai (Nikhat).

Saloni had faced a lot of insults for skin colour including her some of her family members and in-laws. Krishna was ridiculed by her uncle, aunty and cousin for her dark complexion who mentioned her as Koyla Khadaan(Coal Mine). Nikhat was always insulted by her future in-laws mostly her future mother-in-law who would always demand dowry saying things like its hard to find a boy for a dark skinned girl like her. There were many other serials dealing with dark skinned girls.

Why the dark skinned girls are treated so badly by the society? Aren’t there dark skinned models and actors in India and in foreign countries? In foreign countries, girls use tanning lotion more than fairness creams to get a dusky or wheatish complexion. Then why such problems are faced by dark skinned girls in India? Why such stupid issues are shown in TV serials? The family members or in-laws of these girls are shown ashamed of their dark complexion and they fear society due to this.


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